Brand to Hand

Get into the hands, homes and hearts of Irish consumers

A box suited to your target audience.

Sample It is an opportunity for brands to get into hands, homes and hearts of Irish consumers.

Quite simply, Sample It is a box filled with new and exciting samples sent to households around Ireland for customers to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! Coupons/leaflets and competitions can also be included within the Sample It box to drive conversion within your selected retailers giving your sample additional impact at store level.

We also run competitions for brands on social media to further raise brand awareness which helps create a strong affinity between the brand and our social tribe.
Utilising a growing social media community, Sample It maintains a healthy window of engagement & promotional output for brands with material that can be provided or tailored by the Sample It team to bolster engagement & product usage.

Types of boxes

  • Shared Experience Box
  • Bespoke Branded Box
  • VIP Box

Additional Activity

  • Social Media Competitions
  • Leaflet Campaigns

Customer Feedback & Data Analysis

Every person who receives a Sample It Box will be asked to complete a detailed survey giving their views on the products they received in their Sample It Box. Completing the survey is a prerequisite to remain on the Sample It Database.

Our team collate detailed reports of the social media exposure tracking reach, impressions comments and actions taken by the audience and influencers on social media. The detailed reporting provides tremendous insights into the brands exposure online during this period.

The brand reports also include the quantifiable and qualitative feedback of what your customers think about the products that can help inform NPD, branding and product strategies that make a lasting positive impression your customer.

Why use Sample It?

  • Reach new and relevant audience
  • Segmented database
  • Quantifiable customer feedback and results
  • Increase brand awareness and drive conversion instore and online